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Editor’s Notes:

Locating a proper Car wash place in Mombasa can be a nightmare especially if you are a person concerned with the kind of water to be used on your Car. Water in Mombasa is salty and the salt can cause serious harm to the body work of your car. 3M Auto Care Centre offers a comforting solution. It is located along Links Road, opposite Nyali Primary. It shares the same compound with Oriel Limited. The have set up a processing system that ensures that the water being used first under-goes a purification process to soften the same by extraction of the salt. The water that gets to wash your car will be fresh water. Another problem that is common in most car wash spots is the frequent re-use of wash clothes and with time the same will have entrenched sand particles that will cause minute scratches on the car’s body work. We noted that 3M has made efforts to eliminate this problem by using high pressure water jet on your car as the first step to wash away harmful sand particles and to use a fresh cloth for each wash. The lathery soap that they use on the body work and the subsequent polishing liquid leaves your body work sparkling. Most car wash operators will just casually wipe your car interior especially the dashboard with a wet clothe and then declare that your car’s interior  looks as new. Such cleaning will not deal with the manace of sand particles and dust embabed all over your car especially on your fabric seats, floor matts and air ducts. 3M appears to have created a solution by first using a high powered air blower to dislodge dust/sand particles especially on the floor, under the seats and door matts and thereafter use a vaccum cleaner to eliminate the same. Thereafter your interior is given a proper wipe down using fresh clothe everytime. Do not worry about your door matts being returned to the car while they are still wet, they dry the same using their high pressure. The entire cleaning process will take at least one hour and it will set you back around Kshs.1,000.00. All in all their service was impressive but the only negative aspect that we noted is that though there is a small customer waiting area, there is no effort by the staff to alert new customers of the existence of such a place and most customers end up standing all through the process. Also for those who are conscious of environmental issues, we noted that 3M has not focused on proper waste water management and you will find that waste water from the car wash will freely floor onto an open area forming a water pool within the compound and sometimes Cars are forced to wade through the water pool creating a muddy mess within the compound. Overall the car wash service is impressive and the staff are friendly at all times.

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