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Dental Floss Review

Oral hygiene is now a crucial part of life. Brushing alone will not give you the desired level of dental hygiene . There is need for frequent flossing to  ensure  that one puts plaque  as well as gingivitis and other gum infections at bay . However, the use of the wrong dental floss product can complicate your dental flossing experience especially when a floss product is prone to shredding in between your teeth.  The agony alone of having shreds of floss in between your teeth can discourage one from the achieving the recommended levels of oral hygiene that can only be achieved by frequent flossing. Colgate Total Waxed floss product is ideal for those who have close teeth since the floss has been designed to slide easily between the teeth without shredding. Your flossing experience will further be enhanced by the mint-flavored floss which leaves  your breath fresh.

The product will cost you approximately Kshs.350 which sounds a bit expensive but the good side is that the product is bound to last for a while with daily use since the entire length of the roll is about 25 meters.

The dispensing container is portable and ensures that your floss remains sealed to maintain high standards of hygine and it dispenses the floss efficiently.  However, the plastic container is not transparent and you will be unable to monitor the size of the roll of tape remaining at any given time and there will be instances where the tape runs out without any prior warning.

Despite its impressive performance, we noted that when the floss is about 5 metres to go, its shred resistance almost disappears. One can then be forced to discard the remaining bit to avoid the agony of having shreds of floss in between your teeth.

Overall, the floss will give you a great experience all the way to about 20m of the product the rest will be a waste if you have closer teeth since your will have to deal with shreds in between your teeth.

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