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THE MIDLAND HOTEL, Nakuru County, Kenya
(Visited on 28th and 30th December 2018)

The Midland Hotel is located along Geoffrey Kamau Avenue, Nakuru, Nakuru County, Kenya. The hotel has been in operation since 1906.

Despite its long heritage spanning back to 1906, the hotel has rebuilt and refurbished its heritage rooms within the traditional block.

In its quest to further modernize, the hotel is now complimented by an ultra-modern new block where one can access the impressive Signature rooms.

Its location is very central within Nakuru town. Banking facilities, Chemist, restaurants, shops and nightclubs are well within walking distance from the hotel. Westside Mall is a 5-10 minutes’ walk from the hotel.

Reception Area

The Reception area is adjacent to the Restaurant and a short walk from the new block. The Check-in Counter has a tired look and looks misplaced and outdated in a lobby where there are some impressive seats.

Check-in process is almost instant and in any event you can always relax on the impressive looking seats at the lobby as your await the conclusion of the process.


The rooms in the traditional block offer one an opportunity to be in touch with the hotel’s heritage while the new block will welcome those who want to appreciate the finer things that the modern world can offer.

I had access to room number 323 on the 2nd floor of the new block. From the entrance of the block you will be welcomed by an elegant heavily carpeted stair case.

The moment you open the door to your room you will be hit by a reassuring fresh fragrance that confirms that the room’s hygienic levels are optimum.

The rooms are specious and the interior design exudes elegance complimented by a Mahogany bed and furniture.

The Colour theme, lighting arrangement, choice of the curtains enhances the sense of comfort and warmth in the room.

The room has a massive window overlooking the car parking area and the reception area and one can also have glimpse of the adjacent buildings.

One can spend time admiring the room but once you get accustomed to the elegance you can resort to the 45-inch flat screen TV set mounted on the wall. However, you have to be content with the limited channel options and the poor resolution not attributed to the quality of the TV set but to poor cable reception.

The King size bed is comfortable and draped in pearl white and soft linen and pillows. However, there is no mosquito net or repellant provided and in the event the mosquitoes at night attack then you will be left to your own wits.

Despite its central position and proximity to a busy highway, the rooms are surprisingly peaceful and you can hardly hear any disturbing noises from outside.

Nakuru’s night times are known to be chilly but the room will provide the much needed warmth.

The bathroom has no window but the décor is impressive with a walk in shower. Clean and fresh smelling white towels are provided.

In case one has forgotten to pack a tooth brush and paste then there is no cause for alarm since a box containing a new tooth brush and a small tube of paste is provided as part of the complimentary toiletries.

You will find a safe deposit box inside the closet by the door.

A coffee/tea Maker and the necessary ingredients are provided as part of the complimentary package in the room.

Hotel staff

The hotel staff from the Security guards to the receptionist all were friendly, respectful and very helpful.


The bed and breakfast package will ensure you access their average breakfast buffet. However, considering the price tag attached to the rooms one would have expected a more robust breakfast choice to match the elegance in the rooms.

Check-out Time

The check-out time is 10:30am on the day of departure but can be extended upon requests.

Areas of concern

Despite the hotel’s impressive rooms there are some shortcomings as follows:-

Car Park

There is a reasonable and secure parking for your car, however, the space can only accommodate a small number of vehicles compared to the number of rooms the hotel has.

During my arrival at the hotel, most of the rooms had been booked and it was clear that getting a parking space can be a challenge.

The exit gate is just next to the Trans-African busy highway. Upon your exit, you will be on a slight incline before joining the busy highway and this can be a challenge and one has to be extremely careful to avoid serious traffic accident. The hotel should consider opening up an alternative exit point.


Room service is not available after 10:00pm. In the event one check-ins after 10:00pm and in need of a meal or a drink then one has to persevere until morning or opt to one’s luck outside the hotel but the only places in operation close to the hotel at such hours would be the night clubs. Such an option would require a taxi since walking around town at night is not advisable.

The Bar

The Bar closes at 10:00pm. The general outlook of the bar is not impressive. The furniture and the décor looks tired and now demanding a serious over-haul.

The bar size is small and squeezed and can accommodate a few revelers at a time.


There is free Wi-Fi but its performance is slow and keeps fluctuating.

Access to the rooms on the Upper floors

The upper floors can only accessed through the stairs since there is no lift service. Access to such rooms can be a challenge to individuals with special needs.

For the two days spent at the hotel, we had to struggle with our own heavy luggage up the stairs since there is no Porter service that was offered.

Final Verdict
The cost is Kshs.9, 950.00 for a single room. Despite the shortcomings, the tranquility one experiences in the room is worth every coin paid. The hotel in many aspects has lived to its slogan “The Warmth of Home”. More photos below

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