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The Hotel is located at the heart of Westlands, along 10 Karuna Road . It is within 3 minutes brisk walk from Sarit Centre.

The hotel is tucked in a serene environment ensuring that guests in the hotel are saved from the usual hustle and bustle associated with the ever busy Westlands which is an established shopping and business Centre.

The hotel is housed in a 5 storey bulding enclosed within a high concrete perimeter wall. All vehicles driving into the hotel are thoroughly searched by the hotel’s security team. However, there is no screening of individual passengers and there are no metal detectors installed at the entrance.

The first thing you will notice as you drive into the hotel is the squeezed driving space leading to the parking yard. The parking can accommodate approximately 9 vehicles at a time. However, there is provision of parking space just outside the main gate.

The thought of leaving your car outside the secure perimeter wall can be unsettling but Westlands is known to be a fairly safe area and there is sufficient lighting of the parking area at night.

The main reception area is cozy and welcoming with enough lighting that will instantly heighten your moods. The ever pleasant and efficient staff at the reception will process your check-in within minutes as you relax on the comfortable lobby seats.

The Suite

The corridors leading to the rooms are well lit and heavily carpeted. The Suites are spacious with a Kitchenette, lounge and bedroom.
The furniture in the room has a sense of simplicity but with a touch of elegance. The walls are adorned with African artwork complimented by good lighting which enhances the overall feeling of coziness in the room.

The room is fitted with a flat screen LCD TV where one can access premium channels. The rooms are clean with a pleasant smell but one cannot fail to notice the faded floor linings that have seen the test of time and now calling for urgent refurbishment.

There is a small dining table that can accommodate four people as well as a mini bar that can accommodate two people. The dining as well as the mini bar tables can be converted into work stations.

The kitchenette is fitted with a good sized cooking unit, microwave, electric kettle and toaster. However there are no cooking-ware provided but can be supplied upon request. The small fridge has assorted soft and alcoholic drinks. Assorted snacks are also provided but be aware that all the drinks and snacks are billed as extras at the time of check-out.

The Bedroom is the most pleasant part of the suite. It is spacious with a king size bed draped in white linen. The mattress is really comfortable and the bed linen soft to the touch.

The room is fitted with an air-conditioner for comfort during the hot seasons. The visit to the hotel was in December 2018 and this meant chilly nights and since the air-conditioner did not have the reverse heating option it meant that one had to persevere the chilly nights. The hotel should consider making provision for the chilly season as well.

The entire room is not properly ventilated and at some point one will be torn between the option of prying open a window to allow proper circulation of air and thereby exposing oneself to outside cold and providing the ever elusive mosquitoes an opportunity to make grand entry or just persevering with the enclosed air. There is an electric Mosquito repellant but it was no match for the ever elusive and sneaky mosquitoes.

The room has spacious wardrobes made of sturdy wood and you will find a safe deposit box inside the wardrobe to secure your valuables. There is a comfortable arm chair with a leg rest. The chair adds some flare into the bedroom and very enticing to anyone who wants to read a book in comfort or just to engulf oneself in total relax mode.


The bathroom has a feeling of long use. It has an old feeling even the walk in glass bathroom is not able to add ambience to the bathroom unit. A facelift is long overdue.

Health Club

There is a gym on the ground floor and can be accessed as from 6:00am to 9:00pm. The space is small and cannot accommodate more than 5 people at a time but the machines are modern and clean. The weights available are ideal for light work-out and an ardent heavy weights lifter will be disappointed.

The Cafeteria and Bar

There is a NBO Bar and Lounge on the ground floor. It overlooks the poolside behind the hotel. The bar has inspiring artistic deco that will uplift your celebratory mood.

You will have the opportunity of sampling some of their exquisite cocktails and assorted drinks and you will also have the chance of sitting on the terrace over-looking the out-door Pool.

The Pool and the pool side décor is the hotel’s main attraction. It adds serious aesthetic value to the hotel. One can enjoy a drink or a meal while over- looking the pool and this will enhance ones feeling of epic serenity.

The Pool side is an ideal option for hosting events with few friends and family. The lighting in the pool area at night is spectacular by all means. The Pool open from 6:00am to 6:00pm.

The Seasons Restaurant, which is adjacent to the Bar, has excellent service and a rich menu and the Chef delivers to your specification.

The Buffet Breakfast is available as from 6:30am to 10:00am where you can sample assorted variety of pastries, homemade breads, hot drinks, juices, yoghurt and many other delicacies to kick start your morning.

Room service

The room service is efficient and available around the clock.Staff

The members of staff are all friendly and ready to help at all times. They also take time to listen and react satisfactorily within a very short time.

Areas of Concerns

Despite the positive aspects that the hotel offers, there are areas of concern that one should be conscious of as follows:-

  1. The parking area is too restricted and can only accommodate at most 9 vehicles. The option of parking your car outside the secure perimeter wall is unsettling despite the relative safety of Westlands.
  2. The rooms are not soundproof. You do not have to worry about any noise from outside the hotel building due to it serene location, however, you will be privy to any noise generated by other guests in the corridors and adjacent rooms including conversations and doors banging.
  3. The prices at the Bar and Restaurant are high but the same is commensurate with the rates in most of the establishments in the up-market area of Westlands.
  4. For those who drive into the hotel, the Security team will only conducted searches on the car but the individual passengers are not subjected to any security search. The hotel has no metal detectors to screen individuals and the lack of proper search on individuals raises a genuine security concern.
  5. The Wi-Fi reception is not impressive. You will experience interruptions.
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